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Fun Bar Has A New Non Alcohol Beer From San Miguel

Fun Bar has a new non alcohol beer from San Miguel ShareMonday 20th of July 2020
Fun Bar just got a new non-alcohol beer from San Miguel! I'm excited as I really like hanging out with the beautiful bar girls at Fun Bar, but I often end up drinking too much alcohol. If you are at a bar, you kind of feel like you have to drink. At least now I can drink non-alcoholic San Miguel. I'll probably switch back and forth so that I don't drink too much by the end of the night, but can still get a good buzz on.

It tastes just like regular San Miguel to me. Looks the same also so you won't have to worry about everyone saying "Why aren't you drinking?". They won't really know unless the look close. And once you put these in a beer condom, it's even more difficult for anyone to know that you aren't drinking the real thing.

The just got this in today so stop by Fun Bar in Udon Thani and ask for it. They have a very wife range of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks on hand. They also have Heineken Zero available. They were the first bar in Udon Thani to get that and one of the few that has it still. Heineken Zero also tastes very much like the real thing. If you didn't look closely at the bottle, you probably wouldn't notice the difference in tastes. Oddly, I know it has to be mental, but I feel like a get a little drunk by just drinking Heineken Zero. I know that's impossible, but I guess my body has been trained to associate feeling drunk with that tastes.

Let me know your thoughts. Have you tried Heineken Zero or San Miguel Zero or any other Zero alcohol beers? What did you think of them? Leave comment below.

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I have tried Heineken Zero a few times but not San Miguel or any other zero alcohol beers. Heineken Zero is good. I have a hard time telling the difference. I was once at a bar and ordered Heineken Zero and they made a mistake and gave me regular Heineken. I didnt notice the difference until I was almost finished and looked closer at the bottle. Its close enough in taste that you can enjoy without sacrificing on taste but more people drink to get drunk not so much because of taste.
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Fun Bar has a new non alcohol beer from San Miguel