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Udon Thani Girl Friendly Hotels

Udon Thani girl friendly hotels ShareWednesday 22nd of January 2020
Udon Thani has many girl friendly hotels. I have stayed at many hotels and apartments throughout Udon Thani and never once had a problem bringing in a guest. After all, the fine print on you hotel agreement usually says each room can have up to 2 people staying in it. So you are allowed to have someone else in your room assuming it's just you who checked in. Any questions, just tell them she's your girlfriend or wife and dare them to say otherwise even though it's clear that you probably picked her up at a bar.

You should be less worried about girl friendly hotels in Udon Thani than hotels which are easier to get girls in without a lot of attention. I welcome anyone reading this to leave a comment about their recommendations or additions to this. But for me, some of the more expensive hotels Centara hotel and Pannarai hotel while they are guest friendly, you have to be seen parading your girl through the lobby and past the front desk which I'd prefer to avoid.

While Kavinburi is a nice hotel for the price and location, even it's a bit difficult to get girls in past the front desk. Sometimes the front desk will ask about the girl and want to make a copy of her ID. That is for your protection only and they won't prevent you from bringing anyone in, but I prefer avoiding all of this. I have found that if I walk in like nothing is unusual and don't slow down when passing the counter, they usually won't stop me if I'm with a bar girl or freelancer I obviously picked up somewhere.

Most of the other hotels are fine and even those I listed will be ok too. You can just do an Agoda search and pick any hotel according to the reviews. You'll probably be better off staying in what's known as "the heart of the shopping area" which is the area between the shopping mall and the train station. That's where most of the action is. If you are further out you'll have to get transportation to get to this area.

One tip I do have if you decide to settle down for awhile in Udonthani. You might want to think about if you really want the hassle of apartment buildings like Lumpini or The Base. They have really nice rooms for reasonable monthly rates, but you'll have to parade your girl through the lobbies there. What I've also found is that staff in the lobby talk so you'll have to deal with that. I've actually personally confronted staff at Lumpini about talking to my guests. Other times I've heard residents who frequently hang out in the lobby saying stuff and I let those things slide because they have the right to say what they want. I have much more an issue if staff are talking stuff to guests I bring in. So, unless you have settled down with just one girl and don't plan on bringing anyone else in, avoid these types of places. Furthermore, they have cameras in the lobby in which residents can view from the TVs in their rooms and you'd be surprised by how many bored residents seem to enjoy watching the coming and going of the lobby. Not very "girl friendly".

Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment. You have more to say about the topic of Udon Thani Girl Friendly Hotels? Share with us or ask a question.

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Top Mansion is one of the most popular short time hotels in Udon Thani. They have very cheap room rates for over night but also have short time rooms available for even less. This is a very popular hotel for guys needing a place to take girls. Its located next to the Day and Night Entertainment complex.
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Udon Thani girl friendly hotels