Waiting for you now at Fun Bar.Today is National Tequila Day. Come on in and we will help you celebrate the holiday as it should be done.The more we drink, the happier we get.We can help. Come on in to Fun Bar and disinfect your inside by consuming some alcohol.Come in and have a drink and still stay safe. We have plenty of cleaning alcohol on hand, even more drinking alcohol, high quality soap, and we wash down the tables with an alcohol cleaning solution every time a customer leaves. Digital temperature gun for checking everyone's temperature. Restroom is cleaned every hour and is kept spotless clean. You are probably safer here than at your own house so why not come on in and have a drink! High quantities of alcohol will help disinfect your inside too. Trump says that'll work. Much more tasty than drinking bleach and studies have found alcohol to be more effective (quicker) at killing coronavirus.Happy Birthday!!!!We are open again!We are open again!Fun Bar is still open every day & safe to visit ... NO CORONA HERE. We don’t sell it, only Chang, Leo, Heineken etc.Beautiful Kung.Girls are in the Christmas spirit.The best looking girls in Udonthani.

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